Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Not Too Late

Im up right now working on a new song, i dont know if it will be a song that we record or if anyone will ever hear it (i certainly hope for both) but regardless i feel like i need to blog about this song. So often as Christian artists we are always singing happy songs and praising but as i come into contact with many people after shows i find that real people are not always on this emotional high, in fact most people who come see me after a show tell me about how they are hurting. Im going to share with you one of the things that hurts me and i know hurts many of you reading this.
I have a parent who is unsaved, they reject Christ and God's love in their lives. That is an area of hurt for me, i can try and be a light to them but in the end it is their decision to reject the perfect God of the universe. Maybe you do not have an unsaved parent but i know that we all have friends, relatives or at least people we deeply care about that are unsaved (and if not then you really need to get into the world and share God's love with the ones who need it!)It can be hard to share Jesus with people, all too often it is because of our own pride, if we realize it or not i would say that almost all of the time when we choose to hold God's love in instead of share it is because we are afraid of rejection (pride in our reputation) It is also in most cases even harder to share the Gospel with the ones we love unfortunately.
This song that i am working on is all the things i want to say to my parent, co-worker, friend, relative etc. but sometimes cant because of my own human nature and pride. I hope that (if recorded and produced) this song will connect with you and empower you to share God's love to those people that you so deeply care about instead of fall short like we all previously have.
I want to end with a personal testimony from our manager/band dad/all around good guy mr. Jon Schmidt. Mr. Jon (as we call him) had an unsaved father who he prayed for many many years,i believe 15+ years he prayed for his dad's salvation. Eventually after all of Mr. Jon's efforts in prayer, witnessing and being salt and light his father at the age of 87 (i believe) accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and saviour!!! a heart that for so long seemed as hard as stone was softened by the spirit and came to accept Jesus earlier this year! Through Mr. Jon's testimony and so many others we can see that when it comes to sharing the gospel we can't give up and we have to share it with those around us because truly "It's Not Too Late" for love. Amen