Thursday, February 24, 2011

Space Between-

I think we all have at least one person that we would like to talk to about God but for whatever reason we have been unable to. We tend to psyche ourselves out with the fear of rejection or we fear the tension that could be created if the person is offended by us. For me this is absolutely the case. I've wanted to share my faith with my dad for so long but have always been unable to. That is the great irony of the situation is that the people that matter the most to us are often the people that are hardest for us to share a spiritual conversation with. This is why we wrote the song "Space Between" it comes out of the turmoil i feel in myself of not being able to share Christ with my dad. In essence this song is everything that i've always wanted to say.

- Forrest

Here is the link to the video that we made about the song