Monday, April 26, 2010

Nashville Trip

We wanted to do a video blog about our trip to Nashville but we are struggling getting all the footage we need to create an actual cohesive "vlog". Instead we decided to just write an old-fashioned blog and tell you about our trip that way! We will still post a video of just some random stuff from the trip some time this week though!

Thursday through saturday we were at IndieUniversity which is a big conference/get-together of independent Christian musicians. It was a really great opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry and we also had a good time. Most of the time spent at IndieU was listening to panels. The panels focused on topics like booking, writing, production etc. We learned a lot and made new connections/networks with other ministries. Friday night as part of IndieU we played in a concert at the Foundry. The Foundry is a church in the city of Nashville that is doing a really awesome work and service for lower income families in the city. We had a good time playing and the show went well. Sunday we attended church at The people's church of Franklin. It is where our producer goes to church so we went for the service. After church we had a meeting with Jill Monaco of OneVerse ministries. For those who do not already know, we are partnered with OneVerse to help bring God's Word to the Arew people of Tanzania who currently do not have a Bible in their language. (for more info We spent monday and tuesday at The Objective which was another conference for musicians. The trip was a success and we feel as though our ministry was furthered through it all! Thanks for reading and look out for our video we will post soon!! - Canopy Red

Thursday, April 15, 2010