Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Approaching Summer

The school semester is quickly coming to an end and we have been busy trying to promote our new song "Space Between" as well as firm up dates for the summer. We are really loving the way this summer has come together. We will be leading worship for a bunch of different summer camps etc. and we are planning on being involved with the "Extreme Tour" for part of the summer as well.

The extreme tour is an outreach type of event that has a west coast as well as an east coast tour. We would be taking part of the east coast and it should be a good opportunity for us to go out and meet new people and help out with their outreach.

We are really looking forward to the different camps that we are playing this summer. We absolutely love leading worship for summer camps. It makes everything so accessible when we have the opportunity to be with people for a full week and get to know them and where they are in their life.

This past weekend we were playing an event in Quincy, Florida called "Live Love". It was a very cool event modeled similarly to what a "Dnow" is. We led worship for them friday night and then again on saturday morning. The whole point of the weekend was to truly live a life of love in our communities and take the love of Jesus into the world. As we approach this summer we hope that this mission is exactly what Canopy Red will be about.

Hope that everyone is having a good spring and as the temperature is indicating, summer is quickly approaching!

ps: here is a video of us playing "Lead me to the Cross" broken down acoustic style this past weekend


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