Monday, April 18, 2011

Striking the Rock

I've been thinking about the old testament story of Moses striking the rock recently and i've made some connections that have never occurred to me before. It is really easy to look at this story in Numbers chapter 20 and not get it. It appears just utterly strange that God would tell Moses to go talk to a rock and then Moses gets mad and strikes the rock so then God punishes this brilliant leader Moses by not allowing him to enter into the promised land.

Certainly after all that Moses has been apart of with the Israelites doesn't he deserve to walk in the land of milk and honey? I watched a History channel documentary on Moses one time and they were asking the same questions. It went something like this "Why would this God have such an immature response to Moses simply hitting a rock? It appears petty and must be a cover up for a more serious offense of Moses"

When we look at this story with our earthly eyes certainly we would be agreeing with the History channel. I would never question God and what He chooses to do but this scenario seems unfair to Moses and raises some questions.

Now lets look at this passage within the new covenant and what we have with Christ. We know that Jesus is a solid rock, a firm foundation and the chief cornerstone. He is the living water and the well that he draws from will make a man never thirst again. So when God tells Moses to turn and speak to the rock for water God is not simply doing some random miracle. God is showing His people a picture of what is to come with the Christ. He is the solid rock from which the river of life flows.

Moses of course falters and strikes the rock. He is imparting his own selfish will and pride in to the mix and God punishes him for it. I have desperately wanted to impart my will on the rock lately. Trusting in God is tough business and lately if it's a business then i'd be filing for bankruptcy. I am just like Moses, i want to strike the rock and force things to happen. But yet God tells us simply turn to Him, speak and He will provide. - Forrest

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